Nathan Reilly portfolio
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    This is one of a series of videos for the City of Olympia's Comprehensive Planning process titled Imagine Olympia. There was a video describing each chapter of the plan, plus general videos to explain the process. They were used on the Imagine Olympia website and shown before each film at the Olympia Film Festival.

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    This was a one-off video that was shown before a series of films at the Olympia Film Festival called "All Freaking Night".- a sold out, all night extravaganza of classic horror and action thrillers.

  • Description

    This is a video of the City Manager Steve Hall welcoming new employees, to be used at new employee orientations.



I am proficient in videography, editing, sound engineering, post production and motion graphics. With a small crew of three workplace volunteers, I can quickly make professional in-house videos, or short promotional videos for external use. With enough time and resources I can also make longer videos.

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